Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Long Time …No Blog

How does life get so busy? My newest full-time job as mommy has been busier than expected. And, now Summer Vacation has arrived, Yikes! What do I do now? We are on a very tight budget and I am trying to figure out how to entertain a 7yr. old all summer long! So far, we have morning walks around the lake, Wednesday FREE movies, visits to the library, and visits to the park and beach. We're gonna pack our own lunches, sneak in some candy bars to the theater, co-op baby sitting and take advantage of every FREE activity we can. Times are tough. I'd love any suggestions any of you might have for summer fun! I'll put all your suggestions in a random generator and the winner will get a darling little surprise from Delightful Trinkets!!!


  1. One of my favorite things my mom would do is make a pirate treasure hunt. She'd draw up a map on a piece of large paper wrinkle it up and dip it in tea to make it look old. Then she'd bury it underground and my brother and I would have to follow the clues to search for it. She'd send us all ove the neighborhood and we'd end up in the backyard! :) She'd go to the dollar store and fill it up with stuff and bake cookies and other treats to put in the tin. She would also do indoor treasure hunts on rainy days (it was in Florida) where she would leave a starting clue taped to the door when we got home. Then she would hide a ton of riddle clues all over the house - the funniest clue was "They call me John" (the clue lead to the toilet and of course, the next clue was taped under the lid!). Enjoy!!!

  2. You have the BEST mom ever Rachel!!! That is an awesome idea! I am speechless...

  3. Thanks Ivy!!! :) Mom was pretty rad and I think a lot of it stemmed from her boredom during the day while we were at school!

    So now that I'm on a mission to save you from boredom in the cheapest way possible, you MUST do the St. Regis Monarch Beach Bufferfly Release Festival. A co-worker told me about it and it sounds AMAZING!!!! :) Basically you can drink free champagne while a white-gloved man releases butterflies and reads poems/stories about the monarch. The only cost is valet and tip (there is tons of free parking in the area though). It happens every Saturday until Sept 7th at 7pm and they even read a story. You can just google the name and it should pop up. Also, it's at a beautiful place in South OC - I think you'll love it!!!!! It just sounds so adorable and I'm a huge butterfly nut!