Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Inspiration No.1

I have to say that one of the things that most inspires me is Japanese Design. Not only do I believe they are on the forefront of design in technology and architecture, they just seem to make everything "small and cute"! That most impresses this girl and lover of all things cute. Most of the beading I am in to lately comes from Japan and their vintage cellulose beads and cabochons are to die for. So lately I have been scouring the web to find Vintage Japanese beads, and with my upcoming trip to Hawaii I am planning my bead shopping days wisely. Luckily, I'll have my little friend Lisa (who's never been and quite the crafty girl) there to conspire with, so the boys can't complain about having to take us here and there.

I came across And although it's authors Kristine and Leslie reside in Australia they have been quite a big help. I have delved deep into their blog and visited their links that brought me serendipitously to many other resources. The print to the left is a sample from their blog. So off I go to continue my search and plan my itinerary.

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