Friday, September 12, 2008

Berry Happy
It was a very successful Summer Berry Workshop! I was so pleased with how well everyone did. Only a few berry mishaps but everyone completed perfect little berries. My wonderful little friend Myra took pictures which I will steal, I mean appropriate, from her blog. I was sweating buckets… but I don't think it was nerves… honestly. 

I think everyone made some new friends which made the evening a success in my mind :) If you had a wonderful time or you missed this workshop, have no fear, I am already planning on holding another one, in October (TBD). I am hoping my trip to Hawaii at the end of this month will bring some inspiration and ideas from my friends at The Bead Gallery in Honolulu!

Thank you, to Steve at the Neighborhood Cup, the sweetest and most perfect host ever! He treated us to some very tasty panini's and excellent coffee! You're the best Steve, and we missed you Jenn!!! 

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